Here is a prediction based on a couple things that I’ve learned from history and from the Book of Mormon.

Lesson from history: Weakness invites attack.
Prediction: Our current administration’s recent reduction of Army brigades from 45 to 33, will invite an attack upon the United States. Another recent scale-back was the grounding of 1/3 of the Air Force’s planes,

In a time of increasing wars and conflicts, an increase in clearly stated threats from those who declare themselves to be our enemies, increasing power and quantity of arms and armaments among those beligerant nations, those reductions on our part are madness.

Lesson from the Book of Mormon: Wickedness on the part of a society causes God to remove his hand of protection from them. This teaching is repeated over and over again in the Book of Mormon.

Today’s (June 26, 2013) decisions by the US Supreme Court in regards to California Prop 8, and the federal Defense of Marriage Act, now clearly indicate that wickedness has been embraced at the highest levels of our society.

[The 'weakness invites attack' concept is also mentioned in the Book of Mormon, exemplified in Coriantumr's successful attack on an undefended Zarahemla in Helaman chapter 1, among other places.]

So… not only are our enemies being emboldened to attack us by our intentional and readily visible decline in defense readiness, God is at the same time removing His unseen protective hand from us.

I have no personal insight as to whether our Heavenly Father is in fact currently removing, or has removed His “hand of protection.” But, because I take the Book of Mormon as true, and as the word of God, and feel compelled to give at least lip service to its promises (I do a poor job myself of actually rendering obedience), I must deduce that He is in fact complying with His oft-repeated promises made by his mouth-pieces, the prophets, in the sacred record.

The attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 was the first successful attack on American soil in 60 years. And if you discount Pearl Harbor because Hawaii wasn’t a state at the time, the period of “protection” goes back even farther.

I won’t go into whether World War II was related to any wickedness on the part of the US or Western society in general.

However, was there any increase in wickedness on our part between WW II and September 11, 2001? I’d have to say yes, a tremendous amount of wickedness.

I’ll leave it to the reader to catalog our collective sins. If you need help, read the words of the modern prophets at General Conference at, or this prayer by Rev Joe Wright.

So, what will happen when our enemies attack us, during a period of our weakness, and we don’t have the divine protection of the hand of God? I’d guess another 9/11, or worse.

I see some parallels to the Old Testament too. I fear that the Lord will shave us with a hired razor. Or, as Mormon said, use the wicked to punish the wicked.

Today is a very sad day. We, as a country, as a society, are now the wicked.

In a literal way, Reverend Jeremiah Wright was correct, in that God has damned us (9/11 and all the consequences, with monetary costs and loss of freedoms that constituted our national response), and is damning us, and will damn us further…. exactly as predicted in the Book of Mormon, and in the Bible by Moses and repeated by Isaiah.

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