Book of Mormon LandsTaylor Halverson and Tyler Griffin are co-founders and co-directors of the BYU Virtual Scriptures Group.

This group recently released the Virtual New Testament App for desktop computers, mobile devices, and tablets. The app allows users to navigate in and through locations in New Testament Jerusalem and surrounding areas. They are currently working on a Book of Mormon geography app.

Creating a map or a virtual app for Book of Mormon geography has been a bit more challenging because there is no widely accepted location to pin on our modern maps.

While many individuals and groups forward various theories on Book of Mormon geography, the LDS Church officially holds a position of neutrality as to geographic locations.Book of Mormon Geography

Some members are either apathetic or confused by proposed Book of Mormon geography models. Tyler and Taylor sympathize with the challenge many learners experience and are motivated to bring some sense of clarity and meaning to learning Book of Mormon geography.

In this LDS Perspectives Podcast, Nick Galieti discusses the usefulness of mapping Book of Mormon geography with Tyler Griffin and Taylor Halverson.

Their efforts are not aimed at situating the Book of Mormon within America but rather within the text.  They hope that their app will facilitate more indepth study from youth who are often confused by the geographic references in the text.

The model may also help readers gain a respect for how geography plays a role in motivating characters in the Book of Mormon to make certain decisions.

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