The Documentary Hypothesis, Q (Quelle), manuscript transmission, and more are covered in this episode as Hanna runs down the questions you submitted. This is a deeper dive into Biblical scholarship as well as Latter-day Saint thought around the Bible. Hanna goes through a couple of really important Biblical passages that are meaningful to scholars throughout this episode as well as adding personal insight, making this a fantastic Sunday listen. Remember that you can also submit your questions to to be featured on the podcast! Interviews with scholars coming up next on the podcast, but first, an extended Q&A on the Bible!

Hanna Seariac

Hanna Seariac is a MA student in Greek and Latin at Brigham Young University. She is writing a book on the history of the priesthood and another one that responds systematically to anti-LDS literature. She works as a research assistant on a biblical commentary and as a research assistant at the Neal A. Maxwell Institute. She values Jesus Christ, family, friends, hiking, baking, and good ice cream.

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