Latter-day Saints have several different books of scripture and obviously one of them is the Bible. The Bible is translated from Greek and Hebrew. Robert studied Greek and Hebrew within his theological program and I study ancient languages for my schooling as well, so on this podcast, we give you two different perspectives on how to learn Greek and Hebrew. This is followed by a short conversation about sola scriptura and a Latter-day Saint view of scripture.

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Robert S. Boylan is a graduate of the Pontifical University of Ireland (theology) and the National University of Ireland (Anthropology), Maynooth, Ireland. He runs the blog Scriptural Mormonism and is the author of Not by Scripture  Alone: A Latter-day Saint Refutation of Sola Scripture, Behold the Mother of My Lord: Towards a Mormon Mariology, and After the Order of the Son of God: The Biblical and Historical Evidence for Latter-day Saint Theology of the Priesthood. He is a convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He currently lives in Tralee in the southwest of Ireland.

Hanna SeariacHanna Seariac is a MA student in Greek and Latin at Brigham Young University. She is currently writing a book on Latter-day Saint approach to theological stances as well as shorter pieces on prayers in scripture. She works as a research assistant on a biblical commentary and as a research assistant at the Neal A. Maxwell Institute. She values Jesus Christ, family, friends, hiking, baking, and good ice cream.

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