The Church is increasingly making its websites, tools, apps, and communications more relevant and personalized for members and friends of the Church.

emailCalling-Based Communications and Resources

When you receive a calling, you can receive email communications from the Church related to your calling. Go to the subscription page and sign up to receive the information you want.

When you sign in to or the Gospel Library app, you can also see information, resources, and tools personalized for your calling.

Leaders and clerks are encouraged to record callings on the same day a member is sustained, or as soon as possible thereafter, to ensure that newly called members have timely access to the tools, resources, and communications they need to begin in their calling. Because specific communications and tools are tailored for members whose names are entered in standard callings, it’s important to use standard callings instead of custom callings as much as possible.

Personalized Experiences for Members

A new personalized dashboard is now available when you log in to This personalized page provides relevant information and resources to help you in your calling, personal study, and interests.


An example of a personalized dashboard


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