Search results on are now much better since they switched from old search technologies to Google in June 2022. If you always go to Google to search for Church content, you may want to give the Church’s website search a try, since it contains some features that even Google doesn’t have. This article contains tips to search and find just what you’re looking for.

You can search on the Church website by clicking the magnifying glass in the upper right of any page on the website or by going directly to

Websites Searched

The search function on returns results from all the Church-owned domains, such as,,,, and

Search Filters

After you get your search results, you can narrow the results in two ways:

  • Click web, image, video, or music above the search results to filter by those content types.
  • Click the filter pulldown menu to narrow the results by various categories, such as scriptures, general conference, news, the Book of Mormon, Liahona, or Gospel Topics.

Advanced Search Techniques

Google offers a number of advanced search options. You can use these patterns directly in the search box on, just like you can on Below are a few of the common options you may want to use.

Quotation Marks

Put a word or phrase inside quotes, such as “will go and do,” to search for exact matches only.


If you want to search only a section of the Church website, type your search word or phrase and add site: and the section of the website you want to search. (You can place your search term in front of or behind site: but don’t put a space before or after the colon.) Examples:

  • Type baptism to search for results about baptism in the book of Mosiah.
  • Type temples to search for results about temples in the 2022 issues of the Liahona.


Exclude words from your search by typing a hyphen in front of the word you want to exclude. (Note: Don’t put a space after the hyphen.) Example:

  • Type faith -baptism to search for pages that include the word faith, but exclude the word baptism.


Find synonyms by typing a tilde in front of the the word. (Note: Don’t put a space after the tilde.) Example:

  • Type ~inexpensive to find matches of the word inexpensive, as well as synonyms such as cheap, affordable, and low cost. 

Alternative Word Forms

The tilde also searches for the word with alternative endings. Example:

  • Type ~run to find matches of the word run, as well as alternatives such as runner, runner’s, running, and marathon.


Find alternative words using OR (or the vertical bar |). (Note, you must capitalize OR or Google will interpret it as a word to be searched.)

  • Type Alma OR Helaman to find results with either the words Alma or Helaman, or both. (You could also type Alma | Helaman to get the same results.).

Use quotes to group compound words and phrases together. For example, scriptures OR “Book of Mormon”


Use an asterisk to match one or more words in a phrase enclosed in quotes. Use it when you know only part of the phrase you wish to find. Example:

  • Type “faith is * hoped for” to find faith is things which are hoped for and not seen.



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