This podcast series features past FairMormon Conference presentations. This presentation is from our 2019 conference held last month. If you would like to watch all the presentations from our 2019 conference, you can still purchase the video streaming.

Jasmin Rappleye, ScripturePlus: The Future of Scripture Study – A demo and discussion of Book of Mormon Central’s new scripture app, ScripturePlus

Jasmin is the Web Architect and Content Manager for Book of Mormon Central. She administrates all the web properties of Book of Mormon Central and provides computer support for our users. She also serves as their chief Graphic Designer and the Peer Review Coordinator for the publication of KnoWhys. She enjoys creating new ways to visualize the Book of Mormon and enjoys managing Book of Mormon Central’s volunteers.

She graduated magna cum laude from Brigham Young University in 2015 with a Bachelors’ degree in Ancient Near Eastern Studies. At Book of Mormon Central, she gets to combine her passion for religion in antiquity with her visual and technical skills. She enjoys creating new ways for users to digitally interact with the study of the Book of Mormon.

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