My last posting resulted in some strong feelings. I have somewhat avoided posting direct criticisms of my current ward, but I'll tell you some undisputed, accurate statistics:

  • 1. More than 3/4's of my ward is inactive.
  • 2. Our home teaching and visiting teaching  is either non-existent or less than 10 percent.

These facts are well known.

There are many theories about why, but there is one cause that is well known and undisputed: personal differences among family members and former family members.

I knew some of this before moving into the ward because we have lived in two other units in this stake. People darkly suggested other problems in the ward, but would give us no details. They would only infer that we might be "frustrated." Hmm.

For the record, in all my meanderings I have encountered the following viewpoints and practices in the many branches, wards and stakes I've been assigned, that I find troublesome:

- If you are active, you don't need a home teacher or visiting teacher and none will be assigned to you.

- Once every year, all church meetings are canceled after Sacrament meeting so that people can attend high school graduation.

- Church leaders can prohibit someone from attending church. Just meet them at the door and tell them they aren't welcome.

- The Relief Society room is under the sole jurisdiction of the Relief Society President. She doesn't have to let the Bishop and his counselors decide whether to hold the Gospel Doctrine Sunday School class in there if she doesn't want to. It's HER room.

- The Elder's Quorum, the High Priests and any other priesthood quorum and auxiliary have their own rooms and the rooms are for their sole use and benefit. No one else can use their space.

- People who have lived in the ward their whole lives are the important people. If you are new, you have no worth.

- All church guidance is in Handbook 1 and 2 in hard copy. There isn't any other guidance church members need to follow.

- Sometimes church policy can be ignored because the needs of actual people trump it. This includes using candles during a going away party for senior missionaries held in the cultural hall.

- Forget about teaching lessons, all church activity, especially in Young Men and Young Women, should be FUN!

- Young people NEED a church-sponsored and funded trip to Nauvoo, even if you have to spend much of the Stake budget to do it or raid every other unit auxiliary budget to do it.

I could go on, and on, and on . . .

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