The article “Images of Christianity: How America’s Top 20 Churches “Brand” Their Message” compares the websites of America’s top 20 churches in terms of how they visually communicate their messages.

The article found that of the top 20 Christian churches, only 3 actively use images of Jesus Christ on their site, with being one of those 3. The article states:

“Perhaps the most image-rich of all the denominations’ websites, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon Church) has a heavy visual emphasis on daily living according to Jesus Christ’s teachings. Images emphasize service, strong family relationships, praying, friendship, forgiving, marriage, giving humanitarian aid, sharing the gospel, and remembering heritage. It is one of the few websites that displays actual images of Jesus Christ.”

You’ll find as the 4th in the list because it is the 4th largest denomination in the U.S. (See yesterday’s post about the largest churches in America.)


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