If you think blogging about faith and religion is a walk in the Garden of Eden, let me tell you about eight hazards to watch out for.  (They’re like sssssssssnakessss..)

#1  When I figure something out something in the scriptures that I never knew before, I think, “That was awesome!  Lord, give me a teaching calling!”
(Then I realize that it would take about 4 minutes to explain what I just learned and I’d have 30 minutes of lesson time left to fill.)

#2 When someone disagrees with me, I think, “You are going APOSTATE!”
(Well, not really.)
(Well actually, yeah, kinda.)
(And then I realize I forgot to take into account some other scriptures that disagree with me too.)
(And then I remember that I have a right to be wrong.)
(And then I remember that means others have a right to be wrong too.)

#3 When someone else blogs about the same thing I was thinking of blogging about, I think, “Gee, I must be in tune with the concerns of the times!”
(And then I realize that two people thinking about the same thing does not necessarily mean the rest of the world is thinking about it too.) 
(And then I realize that two people saying the same thing about world problems become two witnesses, which, you know, is practically prophetic.. )
(And then I remember that mass media repeats certain messages that we wouldn’t necessarily want to pattern our lives after, so there’s always the danger of being falsely-prophetic.)

#4 When I look at the number of followers on my blog, I think, “A bunch of people think I’m awesome!”
(And then I see some other blogs (cough) Middle-aged Mormon Man(cough) and see they have about six times more followers and gained them in half the time and I realize that my appeal is not nearly as wide as I think it is.) 

#5 When another blogger (or even the Mormon Times bloggernaclebackbench) links to a post I’ve written and riffs off it, I’m think, “I have arrived at the status of internet authority and expertise!  Everyone should listen to me!”
(And then I remember that in a day or two, I will be right back in “non-authority” status again as people move on to link to other cool sites.)

#6 When I do research on a block of verses or a chapter and find someone has blogged about it and given about fifty times more insight than I have gained so far, I’m inclined to bow in profoundest humility and link, while trying to smother envy that they posted on it first.
(The humility isn't the hazard.)
(The envy is.)
(And then I realize that the Lord allows other people to have insight too, and the gospel didn't come out of me.)

#7  When a General Authority says something extremely close to what I’ve blogged about, I think, “They read my blog, they liked it, and decided to quote me!”
(And then I read a prophet biography, realize how freakin’ busy they are, and realize it is much more likely that the same spirit that enlightened me also enlightened them on the same topic without them actually having to even know my blog existed.  It’s ninja spiritual skilz, I’m tellin’ya.)

#8 And, on a semi-annual basis, after listening to at least 32 fabulous talks in general conference and anticipating composing a post of conference highlights, my reaction is:  OVERWHELM  FAIL
(And then I realize that I don’t have to obligate myself to say something about everything.)


Sometimes I have to tell my blogging to Leggo my Eggo….er.. Ego.

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