The Internet is one of the most powerful tools to help us in the battle against mental health. Some web resources are especially helpful in mental health prevention, such as this recent contribution from the Huffington Post (discussed in detail at FAIRLDS). Online anti-cult resources are also powerful tools. With their help, when you see a Mormon on the street or on TV, you'll soon be hearing little voices inside your head warning you that they do not believe in Christ, no matter what they say, teach, preach, and believe. You'll also hear spooky music, feel a cold chill, see dark shadows ooze into view, and recognize deadly fangs in their smile. That which once was innocuous or positive will be transformed into a terrifying encounter with raw evil. You have a right to be scared out of your wits, and rabid anti-Mormonism is the perfect ticket to achieve that witless state of angry, fearful paranoia. This kind of mental health prevention does more than just transform you: it can also transform relationships and even help win elections, too!

The Internet isn't the only way to practice effective mental health prevention, of course. Many old-fashioned books and DVDs can be used, such as Ed Decker's mind-jarring The God Makers. I saw this used last year by a highly skilled mental health prevention therapist/pastor in a popular evangelical clinic in Wisconsin, where two adult children of recently converted Mormon parents were virtually reduced to quivering hysteria regarding the zombie-like transformation of their parents into demonic soul-suckers. They had unmasked Voldemort, and no matter how much mom and dad explained that they believed in Jesus Christ, it didn't matter. Logic, evidence, detailed statements from the Church about what we believe and teach about Christ--none of that matters. Once Ed Decker's voice and his orchestra of spooky strings is inside your head, you'll never be the same.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. That's the key to successful mental health prevention. Oh, and it sells books, too! Yikes, did you know that a Mormon politician will be controlled by a demonic cult if elected? And never make any independent decisions again? Just like those ultra-conservative, orthodox zombie-Mormon politicians Harry Reid and Mitt Romney have been doing all these years?
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