This is a series on digital activities that can help the Church.

The most obvious way to share existing content is to refer people to or any of the other official Church web sites like There isn't a master list but the best place to look is probably the Church's Media Library that just got revamped.

You can share content by posting it to social bookmarking sites like Delicious, personal and other blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter, email and so many other tools.

The Church provides a number of widgets, badges and other gadgets. See the widgets embedded in the right column of this blog for several examples. These handy items send people directly to a site or source.

Nearly every page the Church owns has a "Share" option somewhere which makes it easy to transmit the information. When you click on "Share," the usual options are Email, Twitter, Facebook and Delicious.

Whenever you see a news article that mentions the Church or Mormons you can share links and information via the comment feature.

So, keep your eyes and ears open and start sharing!

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