Geoffrey Allen - LDS MissionCast - Mormon Convert
Geoffrey Allen (Guest – via FaceTime)

This week’s episode is a listener generated story that involves a convert, an MTC Missionary from the referral center, a ministering Stake President, and so much more. This episode shows the perpetual motion that missionary work can have throughout the world. I received this email from recent convert, Geoffrey Allen, that reads:

“I listened to your most recent podcast with Sister Bringhurst and loved it. At one point I thought I was going to get a good story about the MTC missionaries, but she didn’t have one. I’d love to hear one, as the MTC missionaries from played a vital role in my conversion 188 days ago. I’m still in contact with that missionary, now returned. I have an odd story that I believe is a testament to Heavenly Father’s Divine Guidance and includes both MTC and field missionaries. I probably make it much longer than it needs to be, but I believe the MTC missionary who helped bring me to conversion has an exceptional story to tell that includes illness, missed missionary callings, and early returns. If you’d like to talk to her I’d be happy to ask her. She has quite the story and is a very special person. My family is lucky to have “met” her.”

Emma Wageman - MTC Missionary Cancer
Sister Emma Wageman – During cancer treatment

Emma Wageman referral center missionary
Sister Emma Wageman – Post Cancer Treatment

Nick Galieti and Emma Wageman LDS MissionCast Podcast
Nick Galieti (host) and Sister Emma Wageman (guest)

I exchanged a few more emails and spent some time arranging the multiple guests that we have on this show. We will first hear from the man that sent this email to me, Geoffrey Allen, to get his inspiring conversion story. His story is filled with the challenges encountering questions about various gospel topics and doctrines, and how he was able to find peace through prayer and study. Following Brother Allen, we will hear from Sister Emma Wageman, the missionary referred to in his email who has an incredible story of her own, that fills out this wonderful example of the hand of the Lord guiding this work. Finally, we will hear from Geoffrey’s Stake President, David Hollandwho is just one of the many people that have played a part in bringing Geoffrey into the church. It was a joy to learn of this story and I hope you are able to find inspiration in us sharing that story in this episode of the podcast.

David F. Holland - LDS MissionCast Mormon Missionary Podcast
Stake President and Harvard Divinity School Professor – David F. Holland

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