Members have another online opportunity to serve, by sharing their gifts and talents to help build the kingdom.  An exciting NEW service website by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has just been launched.  At members who love to CREATE in the areas of photography, making videos, or creating other types of media can help by sharing their diverse talents in these fields.

So, if you have interests in any of these specific areas, the Church wants YOU to help meet its worldwide media needs.  At you can volunteer and share your media talents with the LDS Church and other members.

Larry Richmond at LDS Media Talk has this to say about the new website:

"The media you contribute may be used by Church designers for products and websites. It may also be available for members to download and use for lessons, family home evenings, and non-commercial websites and blogs. 
The Photo and Video sections of the Create site are ready to explore. The other sections (music, audio, design, and scripts) will be completed in the coming months. There are also sections describing opportunities for casting and contests (like the Church video contest that recently ended).  
Other sections of the site describe the Church’s current needs, provide resources, and allow you to submit your contributions. 
Media contributed through the site may be made available for other members to use through the LDS Media Library that will be announced very soon.

Here's one of my favorites from the recent Church video contest. It's called LIFE.

To see more, check out the online video gallery.

It's impressive how the Church is creating so many opportunities for members to share their time and talents, online.  I recently blogged about Helping in the Vineyard here and here -- another great volunteer project that the Church recently launched.

LDS Church News and Events just updated the success Helping in the Vineyard has achieved in a relatively short time, since its launch:

"Helping in the Vineyard, a website launched in January 2011, has reached a milestone of 10,000 registered volunteers. 
Vineyard administrators had hoped to have 10,000 members registered by the end of 2011, but more people than expected have responded—and earlier than expected—to the invitation to help in the Lord’s work. Administrators’ new registration goal for the end of the year is 25,000. 
The Vineyard is a website that helps connect members and friends of the Church to online service opportunities that will help the work of the Church move forward."
To learn more about this very popular project, you can read the entire article HERE.

If you've not familiar with the term "crowdsourcing" this is the idea behind much of what the LDS Church is currently doing, online, by gathering and organizing the many talents of Church members throughout the world -- to assist on various projects.  It's really very cool!

Here's one more important update for those who enjoy "sharing the gospel online", such as I do.  If you you weren't already aware, the LDS Church has a wonderful resource page called Sharing the Gospel Online.  Pretty clever, eh?  They've just updated the page to give members of the Church specific tasks (many of them only taking 5-10 minutes) they can do to share the gospel using the Internet.  Sounds simple enough to me!

These are just a few of the service opportunities that are available for members who have a desire to volunteer their time and talents, online.  I have a little experience with contributing to all three of these online service projects.  And that's really the whole concept.  If each one of us will check out these different projects to see where WE might contribute, in a small way, we can make BIG things happen!

Through crowdsourcing the Church can breakdown a large project into small tasks, and with the help of you and I to accomplish these things, literally bless the lives of members all around the world!  Five minutes here, ten minutes there, multiplied by thousands of members... Well, you get the picture, right?

Do you have a favorite LDS online service project, where you like to hang out?


Internet Tasks That Promote the LDS Church

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