General Conference always has its share of protesters outside the gates of Temple Square and this year was no exception. In fact, there is usually someone protesting the Mormons no matter what time of year it is.

This story is different. It is a Christian Church exemplifying Christian behavior to counter the unchristian behavior that usually predominates. I think they are refreshing. From "Christians Counter Hate, Offer Love to Mormons" from The Christian Post.
Countering the protesters this year, however, was another group of Christians who offered "free hugs" and some "Jesus style" love for the Mormons.
"Jesus didn’t scream and hold signs at the Samaritan well," said Charles Hill, pastor of One Community Church in South Jordan, Utah, in a statement. "We are called to love each other."
Kudos to pastor Charles Hill:
He brought out his church to the conference on Saturday, the opening day of the two-day event, to give out some love. "HUGS not THUGS" was their marching orders. They handed out free hugs to those who needed "a boost after walking past our brothers and sisters in Jesus who just gave them an ear full. We will give them an arm full."
You can read more about the Church and Charles Hill on this web site.

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