At the suggestion of my father, I have been contemplating doing a series of posts treating the content of this year’s Sunday School curriculum.  For those who are not LDS (or, for whatever reason, are not following the LDS Sunday School lessons), the LDS Church, as a whole throughout the world, is studying the Old Testament this year as part of its weekly Sunday School classes.

I think it would be fun and exciting to study and share some thoughts on these Old Testament lessons.  I assume this will be somewhat time-consuming and I won’t promise to post something in-depth every week, nor can I promise to keep up with the curriculum for the whole year, but I think I will give it a try (does it sound like I’m afraid to commit myself?).

Unfortunately, for this week’s lesson (I believe it’s lesson 3: The Creation, covering Moses 1:27-42; 2; 3), I haven’t had much time to prepare anything, so I will just share a few good internet links that I hope will be helpful to you in your study of this lesson.

The following are from the LDS-themed online magazine Meridian:

The Creation and the Garden of Eden as Models for Temple Architecture — by Dr. Jeffrey M. Bradshaw (who I’m sure readers of this blog are well familiar with, by now)

Lesson 3 — pretty self-explanatory, by Scot Proctor

The Vision of Moses as a Heavenly Ascent — by Dr. Jeffrey M. Bradshaw

The Book of Moses: The Most Surprising and Neglected Scripture — also by Dr. Jeffrey M. Bradshaw (this guy is good!)

In the future, I will make efforts to post some of my own thoughts on these lessons, and continue to provide links that I hope will be useful for your personal study and enrichment.

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