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Antiquities, Ethnology, Genealogy, Heraldry, Mythology, Numismatics.

Anthon, Chas. Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities.

Antiquities and Marbles in the British Museum. Plates. (London, 1848)

Brand, John. Antiquities of Great Britain. 3 vols. (London, 1849).

Bucke, C. Ruins of Ancient Cities. 2 vols. (New York, 1843).

Burke, – . Heraldry of England, Scotland, and Ireland. 3rd ed. (London, 1847).

Davies, Edward. Celtic Researches, on the Origin, &c., of the Ancient Britons. (London, 1804).

Dwight, M.A. Grecian and Roman Mythology. (New York, 1849). 3 copies.

Jennings, David. Jewish Antiquities, with a Dissertation on the Hebrew Language. 2 vols. (London, 1823).

Knox, Robt. Races of Men. (Philadelphia, 1850).

Mott, – . Sketches of Colored Persons. (New York).

Political Antiquities of Greece, from the German of C.F. Hermann. (Oxford, 1836).

Prichard, J.C. Physical History of Mankind. 4th ed. (London, 1841). 5 vols.

Tooke, – . Pantheon of the Heathen Gods. (Baltimore, 1849).

Wells, N.A. Picturesque Antiquities of Spain. 2nd ed. (Baltimore, 1846).

Collective Authors, and Polite Literature.

Addison’s Complete Works. 3 vols. (New York, 1850).

Alison, Arch’d. British Essayists. Vol. 2. (Philadelphia, 1848).

— . Principles of Taste. (New York, 1850).

Ames’s Works. (Boston, 1809).

Badham, – . Juvenal and Perseus. (New York).

Baker, – . Livy’s Works. 5 vols. (New York).

Beloe, – . Herodotus’s Works. 3 vols. (New York).

Bonnaire, A. Prose et Poesie. (Paris, 1838).

Brenton, J.G. Voices from the Press. (New York, 1850. Presented by Chas. B. Norton.

Carey, H. Plato’s Works. (London, 1848).

Carlyle, Thomas. British Essayists. Vol. 5. (Philadelphia, 1848).

Chambers’ Miscellany. 10 vols. (Boston).

Chambers’ Treasury of Knowledge, in 3 Parts. (New York, 1850).

Cleveland, C.D. Compendium of English Literature. (Philadelphia, 1851).

Dana, R.H. Poems and Prose Writings. 2 vols. (New York, 1850).

De Vericor, – . French Literature. (Boston, 1848).

Dick’s Philosophical Works. 5 vols. (Philadelphia, 1849).

Dow’s Works. (Wheeling, 1848). Presented by W.C. Staines.

Dryden, – . Virgil’s Works. 2 vols. (New York).

Dryden, – , and Others. Ovid’s Works. 2 vols. (New York).

Duncan, Wm. Cicero’s Works. 3 vols. (New York).

Fiske, N.W. Manual of Classical Literature. 4th ed. (Philadelphia, 1850).

Goodrich, S.G. Ancient and Modern Literature. (Philadelphia, 1846).

Griswold, R.W. Milton’s Prose Works. (Philadelphia, 1850).

Harris’s Works. (Oxford, 1841).

Hazlitt, W. Montaigne’s Essays, letters and Journey. (Philadelphia, 1849).

Horace’s Works. Translated by C. Smart. (Philadelphia, 1846).

Horace’s Works. Translated by Francis. 2 vols. (New York).

Irving’s Works. 14 vols. (New York, 1850).

Jeffrey, Lord. British Essayists. Vol. 6. (Philadelphia, 1850).

Klipstein, L.F. Analecta, Anglo-Saxonica. 2 vols. (New York, 1849).

Larcher’s Notes on Herodotus. 2 vols. (London, 1844). 2 copies.

Lockhart, J. Burn’s Complete Works. (Philadelphia, 1849).

Ludewig, H.E. Local History of American Literature. (New York, 1846). Presented by author.

Macaulay, T.B. British Essayists. Vol. 1. (Philadelphia, 1850).

Mackintosh, Sir Jas. British Essayists. Vol. 8. (Philadelphia, 1848).

Montague, Basil. Bacon’s Works. 3 vols. (Philadelphia, 1850).

Muller, – . Literature of Ancient Greece. (London, 1840).

Murphy, Arthur. Tacitus. (Philadelphia, 1846).

Picot, Chas. Fleurs du Parnasse. (Philadelphia, 1845).

Pope, Alexander. Homer’s Works. 3 vols. (vol. 2 missing). New York.

Pratt, Geo. Christian Parlor Book. (New York, 1850).

Prior, Jas. Goldsmith’s Miscellaneous Works. 4 vols. (New York, 1850).

Reminiscences of the Evening Post. (New York, 1851).

Smith, Sydney. British Essayists. Vol. 3. (Philadelphia, 1850).

Spanish Literature. (London, 1847).

Sparks, Jared. Franklin’s Works. 10 vols. (Boston).

Spenser’s Works and Memoirs. (London, 1849).

Sysmondi, – . Literature of the South of Europe. 2 vols. (New York, 1827).

Talfourd, T.N., and Jas. Stephens. British Essayists. Vol. 7. (Philadelphia, 1848).

Taylor, B.F. Attractions of Language. (New York, 1843).

Wheelwright, – . Pindar and Anacreon. (New York).

Wilson, John. British Essayists. Vol. 4. (Philadelphia, 1848).

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