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Catalogue of Books, Maps, &c. Belonging to the Utah Territorial Library, October, 1852.

Theology, Ecclesiastical History and Law.

Law, Government, Political Economy, Statistics, &c.

Medicine, Surgery, Anatomy and Physiology.

Natural Philosophy.

Ethics, Logic, Rhetoric and Criticism.



Mechanics, Hydraulics, and Hydrostatics.

Chemistry, Meteorology, Electricity, &c.

Natural History.

Agassiz, Louis. Natural History of Lake Superior. (Boston, 1850).

Agassiz, Louis, and – Gould. Principles of Zoology. (Boston, 1848).

Audubon. John F. Quadrupeds of North America. (New York, 1846). Presented by V.G. Audubon.

Audubon, John James. Birds of North America. 7 vols. (Philadelphia, 1850).

— . Synopsis of the Birds of North America. (Edinburg, 1839). Presented by the author.

Blake, J.L. Hutton’s Book of Nature. (New York, 1846).

Buck, Chas. Beauties of Nature. (New York, 1846).

Buffon, – . Natural History. 16 vols. (London).

Chambers, –. Elements of Zoology. (New York, 1849).

Comstock, – . Natural History of Birds. (New York, 1850).

Conversations on Natural History. (New York).

Cuvier, Baron. Animal Kingdom. 4 vols. (New York, 1831).

Dana, James D. Natural History of New York. (New York, 1836).

Game of Natural History. (New York, 1849).

Goodrich, S.G. Anecdotes of the Animal Kingdom (Philadelphia, 1846).

— . Glance at Sciences. (Philadelphia, 1846).

Harlan, R. Fossil Bones of the Megalonyx. (New York, 1831).

Higgins, M. Physical Condition of the Earth. (New York).

Hitch, Asa. Hessian Fly. (Albany, 1846).

Humboldt’s Aspects of Nature in Different Lands and Climates. (Philadelphia, 1850).

Humboldt’s Cosmos, or a Physical Description of the Universe. 2 vols. (London, 1849).

Kirby, – , and – Spence. Natural History of Insects. (Philadelphia, 1846).

Milner, Thos. Gallery of Nature. (London, 1849).

Mudie, R. Popular Guide to the Observations of Nature. (New York).

Natural History of Insects. 2 vols. (New York, 1843).

Natural History of the Elephant. (New York, 1848).

Naturali Historie: Methodum Systematis Lennaeani. (London, 1797).

New York State Cabinet of Natural History. (Albany, 1850). Presented by Regents of University of New York.

New York State Cabinet of Natural History. (Albany, 1850). Presented by Hamilton Fish, N.Y.

Rennie, J. Natural History of Birds. (New York, 1850).

Robinson Crusoe’s Farm Yard. (New York, 1849).

Ruschenberger’s Natural History. 2 vols. (Philadelphia, 1850).

Visit to the Menagerie. (Philadelphia, 1849).

Waterhouse, G.R. Natural History of Mammalia. 2 vols. (London, 1846).

Westwood, J.O. Natural History of the Insects of India. (London, 1842).

White, G. Natural History of Selborne. (New York, 1841).

Mineralogy and Geology.

Cozzens, J. Geological History of New York Island. (New York, 1843). Presented by the Lyceum of Natural History.

Dana, James R. Mineralogy. 3rd ed. (London, 1850).

Foster, J.W. and J.D. Whitney. Report on the Geology of Lake Superior Land District. Part 2d, The Iron Region. (Washington, 1851).

Goodrich, S.G. Wonders of Geology. (Philadelphia, 1846).

Hitchcock, –. Elementary Geology. 3rd ed. (New York, 1845). 3 copies.

Jacobs, William. Historical Enquiry into Precious Metals. 2 vols. (London, 1831).

Lee, C.A. Elements of Geology. (New York).

Lyell, –. Elements of Geology. 2nd ed. (Philadelphia, 1850).

— . Geological Tour in North America, in 1841-2. (New York, 1845).

Mantell, Gideon A. Medals of Creation, or First Lessons in Geology. 2 vols. (London, 1844).

Miller, Hugh. Foot Prints of the Creator. (Cincinnati, 1851).

— . Old Red Sand Stone. (Boston, 1851).

Page, D. Chambers’ elements of Geology. (New York, 1850).

Principles of Geology. 8th ed. (London).

Taylor, R.C. Statistics of Coal. (London, 1848).

Tuomey, M. Geological and Agricultural Survey in South Carolina, in ‘44. (Columbia, 1844). Presented by Gov. Means.

— . Geology of South Carolina. (Columbia, 1848). Presented by Gov. Means.


Brown, D.J. [Daniel Jay]. Trees of America: [Native and Foreign, Pictorially and Botanically Delineated, and Scientifically and Popularly Described. Illustrated by Numerous Engravings]. (New York: [Harper], 1846). [This book -- probably the very copy from the 1852 library -- is now at the University of Utah Marriott Library Special Collections.]

Carson, [Joseph, and John H. Colen]. [Illustrations of] Medical Botany: [Consisting of Coloured Figures of the Plants, Affording the Important Articles of the Materia Medica, and Descriptive Letterpress]. 2 vols. (Philadelphia: [R.P. Smith], 1847). [This volume is in the University of Utah Eccles Medical Library.]

Comstock, J.L. Young Botanist: [Being a Treatise on the Science. Prepared for the Use of Persons Just Commencing the Study of Plants]. 3rd ed. (New York: [Pratt, Woodford, Farmer & Brace], 1850).

Desfontaines, M. [Rene Louiche] [Tableau] de l’Ecole de Botanique du Jardin du Roi. (Paris: J.A. Brosson], 1815).

Gray, Asa. Botanical Text Book: [An Introduction to Scientific Botany, Both Structural and systematic: for Colleges, Schools and Private Students]. [3rd ed.] (New York: [G.P. Putnam], 1850). [This volume is in the University of Utah library.]

— [and William Starling Sullivant]. [A Manual of the] Botany of the Northern United States [from New England to Wisconsin and South to Ohio and Pennsylvania Inclusive, (the Mosses and Liverworts by Wm. S. Sullivant,) Arranged According to the Natural System]. (Boston: [J. Munroe], 1848) [This volume is in the University of Utah library.]

Griffith, R.E. [Robert Eglesfeld] Medical Botany [or, Descriptions of the More Important Plants Used in Medicine, with Their History, Properties, and Mode of Administration]. (Philadelphia: [Lea and Blanchard], 1847). [This volume is in the University of Utah library.]

Michaux, F.A. [(Francois Andre), J. Jay Smith, and Thomas Nuttall]. North American Sylva: [or, A Description of the Forest Trees of the United States, Canada, and Nova Scotia. Considered Particularly with Respect to Their Use in the Arts and Their Introduction into Commerce. To Which Is Added a Description of the Most useful of the European Forest Trees]. (Philadelphia: [R.P. Smith], 1850). [Color plates.] [This volume is in the University of Utah library; BYU also has a copy.]

Newman, J.B. [John B.]. Illustrated Botany: [Containing a Floral Dictionary and a Glossary of Scientific Terms]. (New York: [Fowlers and Wells], 1850). Presented by Fowlers & Wells. [This volume is in the University of Utah library.]

Nuttall, Thomas [and Francois Andre Michaux]. North American Sylva: [or, A Description of the Forest Trees of the United States, Canada, and Nova Scotia, Not Described in the Work of F. Andrew Michaux, and Containing All the Forest Trees Discovered in the Rocky Mountains, the Territory of Oregon, Down to the Shores of the Pacific and into the confines of California, as well as in Various Parts of the United States. Illustrated by 121 fine plates. Vol. I-III being the 4th-6th volume of Michaux and Nuttall's North American Sylva]. 3 vols. (Philadelphia: [Smith & Wistar], 1849). [All three volumes are in the University of Utah library.]

[Society for the Promotion of Popular Instruction]. [A Popular Treatise on] Vegetable Physiology. (Philadelphia: [Lea & Blanchard], 1842).

Torrey, John, [Asa Gray, and James P. Wright]. Flora of North America: [Containing Abridged Descriptions of All the Know Indigenous and Naturalized Plants Growing North of Mexico: Arranged According to the Natural System]. (New York: [Wiley & Putnam], 1838-1840). [This volume is in the University of Utah library.]

Tuckerman, E. [Edward]. [An Enumeration of] North American Lichenes [with a Preliminary View of the Structure and General History of These Plants, and of the Friesian System; to Which Is Prefixed, an Essay on the Natural Systems of Oken, Fries, and Endlicher]. (Cambridge, [Mass.: J. Owen], 1845).

Domestic Animals, and Veterinary.

Agriculture and Gardening.

Arts, Manufactures, and Domestic Economy.

Trade and Commerce.

Architecture, and Engineering.

Drawing, Painting, Engraving, Sculpture, and Music.

Encyclopaedias and General Dictionaries.

Memoirs, Transactions, and Publications of Literary, and Scientific Institutions.

American History.

European History.

Asiatic and African History.

General, and Literary History, and Chronology.

Geography and Topography.

Maps, Atlases, Globes and Busts.

Voyages and Travels.


Antiquities, Ethnology, Genealogy, Heraldry, Mythology, Numismatics.

Collective Authors, and Polite Literature.

Poetry and Drama.

Orations, Addresses, Eulogies, Speeches, Lectures, and Letters.

Dictionaries, Grammars, and Alphabets.

Novels, Tales, Games and Sports.

Periodicals and Newspapers.


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