Thereby have some entertained angels unawares.

For me, the best application of this scripture is to be open to reproofs from people who aren’t just echoing Great and Spacious Building propaganda.

All criticisms gratefully accepted.

jacob wrestles with the angel gen 32 24 32

It’s possible though unlikely that I occasionally get called out in the comments by actual angels.  It wouldn’t do to assume otherwise.  More likely, though, is that some of you occasionally act in the office of angel.  The dictum that no one receives revelation for people who aren’t under their charge is generally right, but needs to be modified to account for how God uses us to help correct each other just a bit.  We might say that no one we run across is ever 100% not in our charge.  Anyhow, in my experience if the Godhead sends you an angel or authorize the Holy Ghost to blast through your mental walls, things have gone pretty far and you’ve had numerous prior opportunities to get straight.

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