Sharing the gospel is easier than ever before! With the help of technology we have the ability to share the beautiful message of the restoration to the world in a matter of a few taps.

A new video from the New York Syracuse Mission gives five easy ways to share the gospel using technology:

  • Tip #1: Like and Follow the mission’s Facebook & Instagram pages.
  • Tip #2: Like, Comment, & Share posts that you enjoy.
  • Tip #3: Utilize Instagram guidebooks! They are custom interactive pamphlets that explain all the lessons the missionaries teach.
  • Tip #4: Check out the What to Share section in the Gospel Library app.
  • Tip #5: Make a video with the missionaries!

Learn about these tips in this video “Love, Share, Invite from the New York Syracuse Mission:

Enjoy more videos on the Light of Christ in Upstate New York channel on YouTube.

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