We are all reading D&C 121 this week.

Here are some of the best JG posts on righteous and unrighteous dominion.

They are really good.

Righteous dominion

Righteous dominion is power + love.

Power + Love.

Both are necessary.


The LDS “committment pattern,” network marketing and unrighteous dominion.

Manipulative sales techniques = unrighteous dominion


Righteous.  Dominion.

Of my own posts, this is my favorite.  It is also the most straightforward and the most obvious post.




Glory  and righteous dominion are the same thing.



To be Dominant is Good, if You Hearken unto God

Maybe the problem of unrighteous dominion is the problem of a little authority


The Military Mental Model of Mormonism

I do not recall that the term righteous or unrighteous dominion is used anywhere in this classic JG essay. But the model is easy to apply. People who have authority in a military are using that authority rightly when they are using it for military ends and they are using it unrightly when they are using it for personal ends.

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