Here are a few best practices for sharing gospel-centered things online.

Focus on Relationships

  • Follow people that uplift you.
  • Connect with old and new friends. Reach out to people who live near and far.
  • Avoid using social media to compare yourself to others. Instead, look for ways to celebrate others’ joys and accomplishments.
  • Give genuine and positive compliments like: “Congratulations!” “I am so proud of you!” “Thank you for sharing!” and “I love this!”

How to Share

  • Be yourself. Be genuine. Don’t exaggerate or pretend to be something you are not.
  • Don’t preach to others, but simply explain what brings joy to your life.
  • Ask questions and involve people.
  • Use your page to reflect who you are as a disciple of Christ.
  • Express what the content you are sharing means to you and why you are sharing it.

What to Share

  • Share uplifting content. Help others feel God’s love by sharing what you are grateful for. Talk about the people you love, positive experiences, and things that inspire you.
  • Share your beliefs. Build upon what you have in common with others. Share a quote or video that inspires you. Invite a friend to sign up to receive inspiring emails using Inspire Your Inbox.
  • Talk about Jesus Christ. Mention your faith in Him. When people are ready and show interest, invite them to learn more about Jesus’ gospel and His restored church.
  • Follow accounts that uplift you, such as Come Unto Christ on Instagram or Facebook or the Church account on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Follow LDS365 on Instagram or Facebook for ideas on what to share and tips on how to share it.  (You can also subscribe to get daily emails.)

Some of the ideas above were summarized from the Church’s web page Share Online. See that page for more ideas.



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