Angie Killian and Fen Frehner have written a new song, “When We Do Family History,” in hopes that it will be included in the new children’s songbook.

Enjoy their music video “When We Do Family History.”

Angie said, “I have found so much joy, peace, and strength in family history work. I’ve often wondered how I can share those blessings with my children; how could I acquaint them with their ancestors so that someday they might continue in this great work? Through simple, meaningful, and beautiful ideas, I have been able to involve my children in family history work and have seen the seed planted in their tender hearts start to grow as they develop that connection and ‘turn to their fathers’ (D&C 2:2).”


Here is a list of other member-created videos we have shared. If you find other videos you think we should share, please post a comment below.


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