Many people of faith are supporting Trump and many others are supporting Biden.  Trump supporters criticize Biden and Biden’s supporters criticize Trump.  They are both correct to do so. 

But the real issue is not whether Biden is bipartisan and Trump is divisive.  The issue is which is best for our country; which will defend our individual freedoms; and consequently which is deserving of our vote.

The clear answer is that neither is deserving of your vote.  The reason neither is deserving is that we cannot sustain our country and our moral God-given rights by choosing the least bad of the two major party candidates each election.  Americans have elected either a Republican or a Democrat for one hundred and seventy years.   It is time we stopped electing Republicans who have given our prosperity to other countries and Democrats who have abandoned our moral principles. 

The Constitution was the document they drafted to keep Americans free of government abuse and to limit government power

Bipartisanship is defined as the cooperation of two political parties.  But the major two parties, i.e. Republican and Democrat, will not stop the continuing deterioration of America, either morally or otherwise.  The reason is that neither of these parties represents the best interest of Americans nor the moral fiber that made our country great.   Their party platforms are instead at odds with what made America the envy of the world.

America became great because our Founders unleashed individuals from the chains of government control and interference.  The Founders defined and limited what the government would be empowered to do.  The Constitution was the document they drafted to keep Americans free of government abuse and to limit government power.

Our Founders were not just right; they were proven right as relying on the strength of this document America became the greatest country on earth.   Americans became the most prosperous, most free, most educated, and most envied human beings on the planet.

We can choose between Biden and Trump and continue down the path we have followed for decades.  We can continue to kill nearly a million unborn people each year.   We can continue to police the world.   We can continue down the path towards bankruptcy. We can ignore what is evident to us all, which is that America is failing.  Or we can return to the Constitution and to the morals that made America great.

People of faith should carefully consider voting for and on the basis of their higher principles.   Neither Biden nor Trump represents those principles.  There is only one political party that has a platform that has proven it is the right platform and that lives up to the principles of Judeo-Christian faith. It is the Constitution Party. 

I would encourage members of your church to vote for me, Don Blankenship.  As such, I will strive to follow the Constitution as my guide for decision making.   It is that simple.  Politics should have no role in government decisions.   It is time to choose right over wrong and the interests of our country over the interests of a political party.


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