general-handbookTwo portions of the Church’s new General Handbook  that was published in English in February are now available in 21 additional languages online and in the Gospel Library app.

This publication includes chapter 32 (Repentance and Church Membership Councils) and several parts of section 38.6 (Policies on Moral Issues) are now available in the following languages in addition to English:

These updates are part of an ongoing revision that is being published chapter-by-chapter every few months in English as soon as revisions are made, and in languages as soon as the translations are completed.

Non-English-speaking units should continue to use the chapters in the existing Handbook 1 and Handbook 2 until translations of all the chapters in the new General Handbook are published.

The entire General Handbook will be available in 35 languages by mid-2021, with additional languages to follow.

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