As so many people struggle and worry with the craziness and uncertainty of COVID-19 and the Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2), it was a welcome relief to listen to President Nelson's thoughtful message of hope and optimism posted on the Church's Newsroom and also at Facebook. Having a respected medical doctor and Prophet of God share his optimism gave me a little more courage to go forward.

I especially appreciated his request to not just take care of ourselves and our loved ones, but to also "look for opportunities to help those around you near and far." There are so many things you can do. Here's one tip: for those of you who have prepared carefully and have adequate supplies, why not bring along something like toilet paper or other useful items for those you visit as ministering brothers or sisters, or for others you sense may have a need? Some people have traveled to many stores this week trying to get a roll or two, sometimes in vain. Imagine how much comfort a few extra supplies can bring in a time of such frustration.  Seek the Spirit and look for inspired ways to help the right person in the right way. What can be more joyous than that?

May we continue being cautious and preparing carefully for the possibility of trouble, while also seeking the Lord's guidance daily.
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