Have you ever wished you could experience and explore Lehi’s vision of the tree of life for yourself? A new interactive mobile app from the Church uses augmented reality to help youth and children learn about Lehi’s vision of the tree of life from the Book of Mormon.

The following is adapted from the article “New Tree of Life App Lets You Explore and Teach Lehi’s Vision:”

The Tree of Life AR app—developed using content from the Book of Mormon Videos—focuses on the tree of life vision from 1 Nephi 8 in the Book of Mormon. The vision was selected as the subject for the app because it’s rich in metaphor and appeals to a wide group of people.

Many of the 3-D assets, video, and photos used in the app were captured during the production of the Book of Mormon Videos. This made Lehi’s dream ideal for the creation of the content and mobile app experience.

Using the App

Treen_Of_Life_AR_Icon_curve_edgeThe augmented reality experience of the tree of life allows you to look around and explore the different aspects of Lehi’s symbolic vision.

After you select a viewing surface, such your table or floor, the experience opens on your mobile device, combining the environment around you with an artist’s interpretation of what the vision may have looked like. Sound effects of rushing water, voices, laughter, and music add to the reality of the experience.

The app allows you to “walk around” and learn more about the characters and objects you see, such as Laman and Lemuel, the path, fountain, mists of darkness, rod of iron, great and spacious building, and tree of life. The navigation is driven primarily through physical movement, which adds a new level of engagement and a more unique experience.

Download the App

In the app, you can choose English, Spanish, or Portuguese. You can also find descriptions and links at Note that only newer versions of mobile devices have the capacity to fully process the experience.


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