I biked to work yesterday in the cold without a wool cap.  Bad mistake.  My forehead started out cold, then piercing, burning cold, then pain.  If I had been closer to home I would have turned back.  Instead I pressed on with my face in a rictus.  The pain got better. The biking warmed me and my body seemed to rush extra blood to my head.

Lately I’ve been experimenting with fasting.  I went a week where I only ate one meal a day.  The last hours were awful.  I had the flu, it felt like.  Then it stopped, I could go the distance no problem.

I’ve had other ailments and problems over the years that, man-like, I decided to ignore until they got better.  They never did.  By the time I went to get help about them, I’d  made them worse.

Knowing which kinds of problems you overcome by adapting and which ones you need to tackle is key knowledge in life.  That’s why you need friends, family, and the kingdom of the Church.  You can’t know all this on your own.

Neither, however, can you always safely rely on walking only paths that other people have gone on .  There are wonder only you and yours can do, beauties that only you and yours can know.  Those you can only discover by trying and maybe failing.

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