I think–I could be wrong–that I’ve figured out one of the Savior’s teaching methods.

Take the Martha, Martha story we covered in Sunday School today. Or the Prodigal Son story. Or the Good Samaritan. Or the teaching that the 1 lost matters more than the 99 who didn’t stray. Or telling the guy to let the bury the dead.

I think He deliberately taught things that would bug people, that bothered them, so they would keep thinking about it and wrestling with it. He could have taught the same moral in less challenging ways.

So here is a version of the Good Samaritan with the challenging parts updated.

You ask the Savior who your neighbor is. And he asks who your least favorite political candidate is. Pick whoever it is–Trump, Clinton, AOC, whomever. And then he asks for your favorite political candidate. Pick who that is–Romney maybe, whomever. And then the savior tells you this story [Insert your names in the story as you go along]

A friend of yours got attacked by some muggers. He got knocked unconscious. Senator Romney drove by and saw it but drove on. Then your bishop or your stake president, someone you really admire, drove by and saw your friend, but drove by also. Then AOC came by and saw it. And she rushed in to help your friend.

Who then was your friend’s neighbor?

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