Wards and stakes should be holding an annual Temple and Priesthood Preparation meeting for 11-year-old girls and boys and their parents. This article provides ideas and resources to help plan this meeting.

In December, when the First Presidency announced changes to temple policies that give young men and young women more opportunities for temple service, they also announced that a new Temple and Priesthood Preparation meeting replaces the yearly Priesthood Preview. (See related story.)

The purpose of this new meeting is to help “children understand the blessings of temple service, priesthood service, and making and keeping sacred covenants.” Here are some ideas to help in planning:

  • See the full list of resources on, including guidelines, scriptures, talks, and ideas for possible topics of instruction.
  • Teach both boys and girls about priesthood purposes, responsibilities, ordinances, and blessings from Handbook 2: Administering the Church [2010], 11:5.5. Understanding priesthood principles will help children understand the purpose and nature of temple covenants, blessings, and service.
  • Explain to girls, boys, and their parents that when they turn 12, youth have the opportunity  to participate in proxy baptisms in temples. To receive a Limited-Use Temple Recommend, youth will have an interview with the bishop to review the standards contained in the pamphlet For the Strength of Youth.
  • Since parents have primary responsibility for teaching their children, they shouldn’t think that this Temple and Priesthood Preparation meeting will provide all the instruction their children need, but use it as a catalyst for additional discussions and teaching in family home evenings.

Learn more in the article “Planning New Temple and Priesthood Preparation Meeting? Here Are Some Guidelines.”

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