No American politician is ever as great as his most ardent adulators say or as bad as his most vitriolic detractors say.” – Carson Holloway

For better or for worse, the presidential campaign of Donald Trump has certainly disrupted the Republican Party and the Conservative movement. While it is hard to step away from the emotion and frenzy of the election, there are some interesting and important conversations happening.

Here is a list of the most interesting articles I have read regarding Donald Trump. Some are pro-Trump, quite a few are anti-Trump, some are ambivalent. Some of them are quite lengthy. Some might be offensive.

In sharing these I am not necessarily agreeing with or endorsing what any of these authors say. But I do think that it is valuable to consider the best arguments from disagreeing sides.

“The Flight 93 Election” and Responses

Publius Decius Mus: The Flight 93 Election

Ben Howe: No This is NOT the ‘Flight 93 Election’

Damon Linker: Here’s the most powerful (and chilling) case for Trump you’ll ever hear

Greg Weiner: The Flight of Fancy Election

Conor Friedersdorf: An Attack on Founding Principles at the Claremont Institute

Publius Decius Mus: Decius Responds to Critics of “The Flight 93 Election”

David French: The Problem With Every ‘Intellectual’ Defense of Trump I’ve Ever Read

Other Articles

Carson Holloway: The Trump Phenomenon and the Decline of American Politics

Ed Morrissey: Still GOP after all these years

David French: On Trump v. Clinton, Beware of False Comparisons

John Daniel Davidson: The White Working Class Needs Cultural Renewal, Not Empty Promises

Edmund Kozak: Alt-Right vs. Conservative Inc.

Ed Morrissey: Hewitt, Goldberg: The “core alt-right” needs to be driven from conservative ranks

Michael Brendan Dougherty: The existential despair of Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump

Daniel Hannan: Trump’s rise is harming the Republican Party, America and democracy itself

Daniel Hannan: Trump’s supporters suspect that snobbish elites disdain the people. And they have a point.

Mark J. Perry: Trump is completely wrong about the U.S. trade deficit

T. Greer: Trump is Not the New Hitler—He is the New Andrew Jackson.

Carson Holloway: Why Trump Persists

Matthew MacWilliams: The best predictor of Trump support isn’t income, education, or age. It’s authoritarianism.

Charles Murray: Trump’s America

John Marini: Donald Trump and the American Crisis

Charles R. Kesler: Trump and the Conservative Cause

Rachel Lu: The Trouble with Solidarity

I may add additional articles as I come across them.

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