This article summarizes the main collections of LDS pictures, images, and photographs available from the Church for use in the classroom and in the home. 

Gospel Art Book

gospel-art-book1This is a collection of 137 pictures in a spiral-bound Gospel Art Book for use in Church classes and in the home. The book includes beautiful color pictures about the Old and New Testaments, the Book of Mormon, Church History, latter-day prophets, and pictures of the gospel in action. The Gospel Art Book is available as a printed book for $3.50 or as individual pictures online that can be downloaded free.

Gospel Art Picture Kit

gospel-art-picture-kit-lds-03Prior to the publication of the Gospel Art Book in 2009, the Church published a Gospel Art Picture Kit which consisted of 160 individual pictures in a blue plastic box, which cost $30.

gospel-art-picture-kit-lds-06You can still find the images from the Gospel Art Picture Kit online. The pictures are organized by category. Click on the picture or search a picture subject, or type the picture number. Below is an example of how the picture will display. You can then choose to download it in multiple resolutions (for mobile, tablet, print, or wallpaper). In the description of each picture, you will find where the picture is referenced. In the example, below, this picture was in the Gospel Art Kit (GAK, picture 206) and it is referenced in the Primary manuals 2-11. The story is told in Luke 2:40.


LDS Media Library

The media library on has extensive collections of images (, along with video ( and audio ( Images are categorized into collections such as pictures of Jesus, inspirational picture quotes (memes), Church history, and temples. See the list of images collections in the right sash on that page. Note that there is a collection of High Quality Images for Print if you want to make high-quality photographic prints up to 16″ x 20″ for your home. Learn about downloading and printing high-resolution images.


Beautiful pictures of LDS temples can be downloaded free from Click Gallery to see a slide show with a single picture of each of the temples. Or click Find a Temple and then select a temple. In the bottom right corner of the featured photo, click More Photos to see a series of photos of that temple.

Scriptures offers scripture maps and photographs under Study Helps.


Mormon Newsroom offers many photographs within the Multimedia tab. You can search for pictures and refine your search to just include images.



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