conference-centerGeneral conference can be like a community race. Some people choose to fully participate in the race. They prepare themselves for it in advance and run the entire race. They get the full experience. Others come to the race and run a little, but walk most of the race. They only get a partial experience. And some people just show up for the social aspect and to see their friends. They may walk part of the race, but not really engage themselves.

So it is with general conference. Some people really prepare themselves spiritually before conference. They then listen intently to all the sessions, they take notes, and afterwards they ponder and study what they have learned. They get the full experience. Others watch or listen to some of the sessions of conference, but they may not pay full attention. They may listen to some sessions on the radio or on the Internet while doing other tasks around the house. They only get a partial experience. And some people casually watch the Sunday sessions with their family, but they don’t really invest themselves in conference.

Which type of participant are you in general conference? It is a special opportunity to learn from living prophets and apostles and to receive personal revelation.

Watch this short video “Find Answers to Your Questions:”

Why does preparing for general conference matter? What questions and challenges do you need direction and guidance on?


See the Ideas to Prepare page to learn how to make the most out of your conference experience.

You may also want to read the chapter “General Conference” in the manual Teachings of the Living Prophets Student Manual, pages 70–83.

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