Immediately after each session of general conference, videos and other information is posted in the general conference section of As you access these pages, you will notice that they have been redesigned to make it easier to access the text, video, and audio versions of conference talks.

This updated design is available now in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. 70 more languages will become available over the coming months.

Updated Talks Selection

The conference talks now appear visually with the speaker’s picture next to the title for easier selection. The talks are grouped by session.


Grouped Actions

The various actions (listen, download, print, share, and watch) are now conveniently located at the top of each talk.


To access these same actions for an entire session, click the three dots that appear to the right of the session name:
And the options will appear to listen, watch, or download the entire session:

Related Talks

At the end of each talk, a number of topically-related talks are presented for further study.


Talks by Topic

A new index of all talks for a given topic is available for studying or for help in preparing a talk or lesson.


Talks by Speaker

A new index of all talks for each speaker is available for easier finding and summarizing of his or her ministry.


Conference Music

Audio recordings of conference music are presented in a new playlist for easy finding and playing.


Resource Pages

New resource pages provide ideas and information to improve your overall conference experience. Links to these pages are found at the bottom of each page in the conference section:


Personalized Study

Remember to use the study tools online and in the Gospel Library mobile app to personalize conference messages. Use them for highlighting, tagging, and note taking.



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