provo-temple-tabernacle-online-exhibitAn online exhibit of the new Provo City Center Temple has been published in the historic sites section of The exhibit, “Tabernacle to Temple: Provo’s Legacy of Worship,” shows that since the 1850s, Latter-day Saints have gathered to worship God and make sacred covenants with Him on the city block where the Provo City Center Temple now stands.

Using a slider bar at the bottom of the page, you can scroll through sections of the exhibit to learn how this ordinary city block became a sacred place, through prophetic declarations and the construction of the Provo Meetinghouse with a baptistry, then the Utah Stake Tabernacle, and now a temple.

The exhibit shows that design elements from the Provo Tabernacle, which was destroyed by fire in December 2010, have been incorporated into the new temple.

A photo showing the tabernacle destroyed by fire:


A photo showing the beautiful new celestial room in the Provo City Center Temple:


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