Reading John 11, it struck me how similar David and Jesus’s situations were to each other.

David’s enemy- Saul
Jesus’s enemies – Pharisees
The king (Saul) was worried David would take away his kingdom.

In John 11:48 the Pharisees were worried that if they didn’t do something about Jesus the Romans would take away their kingdom.
Saul plotted and planned to kill David.

The Pharisees and other Jewish leaders took counsel to put Jesus to death. (John 11:53)
David had to go on the run and escape from Saul by moving from place to place.

Jesus had to keep from walking openly among the Jews. (John 11:54)

Saul commanded his servants that they should take David and kill him or tell him where David was.

The chief priests and Pharisees gave commandment that anyone having information about where Jesus was should tell them so they could catch him. (John 11:57)
David had some of the Israelites betray where he was to Saul, even though he helped them.
Jesus had people who saw his miracles who informed on him to the Pharisees. (John 11:45-46)

It sounds to me like David’s life in many respects was a type of the kinds of difficulties Jesus would have.

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