addiction-recovery_1-honesty-03-03This article describes Step 1 in the “12 Steps to Change” video series about the reality of addiction and the power of recovery. (See the introductory article about this video series on the Mormon Channel. See articles about the other steps.)

video-1Addiction is real. So is recovery.

Step 1: Honesty. Admit that you, of yourself, are powerless to overcome your addictions and that your life has become unmanageable. Learn more about Step 1: Honesty.

Watch “David’s Story on Sex Addiction Recovery.” The one thing David had promised he would never do was ruin his marriage. But when his addiction to sex and pornography hijacked his self-control, he found himself doing just that. David thought maybe he could simply get over his addiction without help from anyone. That is when he learned that confession is the first and vital step to recovery.

Help is available by using these 12 steps and participating in the Church’s Addiction Recovery Program (see

Check back every day from September 1-12, to learn about the next step. And join the conversation using the hashtag #12StepsToChange. Share your experiences, frustrations, and most importantly, hope.

Watch the video “What is Addiction?” to learn more about the effects of addiction.

Here is a playlist for all the videos in the series.

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Other resources in overcoming pornography.

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