addiction-recovery_11-revelation-02This article describes Step 11 in the “12 Steps to Change” video series about the reality of addiction and the power of recovery. (See the introductory article about this video series on the Mormon Channel. See articles about the other steps.)
Addiction is real. So is recovery.

Step 11: Personal Revelation. Seek through prayer and meditation to know the Lord’s will and to have the power to carry it out. Learn more about Step 11: Personal Revelation.

Watch “Lindsay’s Story about Heroin Addiction Recovery.” Lindsay had surrendered herself to the idea that she would be addicted to heroin for the rest of her life. Her kids started living with her mom and she started living out of a car. By the time she was caught by the police, prayer and personal revelation seemed foreign to her. Then she discovered for herself that communication with God is the only hope for true recovery.

Help is available by using these 12 steps and participating in the Church’s Addiction Recovery Program (see

Check back every day from September 1-12, to learn about the next step. And join the conversation using the hashtag #12StepsToChange. Share your experiences, frustrations, and most importantly, hope.

Here is a playlist for all the videos in the series.

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Other resources in overcoming pornography.

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