lrcI mentioned previously that ward leaders would soon be able to manage home and visiting teaching and callings on from any internet-connected device without having to use MLS on the computer at the church. It’s now here. (At least for my ward. If you can’t get access as described in this article, don’t worry. It will be coming to your ward very soon.)

In fact, you will no longer able to update callings and home/visiting teaching in MLS. Eventually, the stand-alone MLS program will just be a tool to manage finances.

lrc-menuYou can access Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR) by clicking My Account and Ward in the upper right corner of, and then selecting Leader and Clerk Resources. Or you can get there directly at

Below is a list of reports and functions you can now access in Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR):

Home and visiting teaching management

  • Using the Organizations menu, high priests group leadership, elders quorum presidencies, and Relief Society presidencies can now manage home and visiting teaching information for their respective organization. Stake home and visiting teaching reports are also available. Please note that home and visiting teachers cannot report their own visits. They will still need to report to your leader and the leader will enter the visits.

Organizations and callings

  • Stake and ward clerks and priesthood quorum and auxiliary presidencies can manage organization and calling information for their respective organizations.
  • Stake clerks can manage changes to stake presidency members and bishops and their contact information.
  • Stake and ward clerks can record callings for members who serve in the ward but whose membership records are not assigned to the ward, such as a young single adult ward bishop.
  • Ward organization information can now be viewed by the stake.
  • Callings by Organization now includes information about those serving from the ward as full-time missionaries.

Out-of-unit member management

  • Using the Membership menu, selected information for members whose membership records are not assigned to the ward but who regularly visit, such as a young woman visiting her father every other Sunday, can be included in appropriate ward lists, such as Young Women and Sunday School class rolls. However, responsibility for membership record updates, member interviews, and other related priesthood activities still remains with the member’s home ward.

Other items

  • The screens supporting confidential actions have been modified to look like other LCR screens.
  • The Confidential Member Information Report is now available to stake and ward clerks.

Who can access LCR?

  • Ward council members and their counselors and secretaries
  • Home/Visiting teaching coordinators and supervisors have access to enter their information.
  • See a complete list of callings that can access LCR.

The mobile-friendly LCR site works fine on a small screen, like your smartphone. You can also find many of these same functions in the LDS Tools mobile app.


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