Today’s #ShareGoodness Idea:  Share and comment on news articles about the Church.

The Internet is a major source of news for most people. You can help shape public perceptions and conversations about the Church by participating in the following activities:

  • Share with your friends links to stories about Mormons in the news in your area.
  • Check the Church News ( and the Church’s Newsroom ( for information about the Church’s position on key news issues. Share these links with others.
  • Create your own news blog where you can comment on current issues.
  • Post links on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter to positive news stories about the Church.
  • Submit news stories about the Church to or so they can be seen by more people.

This is one article in a series of ideas on how to #ShareGoodness with others. For more ideas of easy, practical things you can do, see the book 101 Ways to Hasten the Work Online.


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