pioneer-day-july-24Today is July 24th, also known as Pioneer Day–a Utah state holiday that commemorates the entry of Brigham Young and the first group of Mormon pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847.

On this day, Utahns enjoy parades, fireworks, rodeos, and other festivities to commemorate the event. But one of the best ways we can honor our pioneer ancestors is to learn more about them. Below are a few great resources you can use to better appreciate the Mormon pioneers:



Pioneers_move_westPast Pioneers
Pioneers todayModern Pioneers

“The days of the pioneers are not past. … In every nation, in every worthy occupation and activity, members of this church face hardships, overcome obstacles, and follow the servants of the Lord Jesus Christ as valiantly as the pioneers of any age.” — Elder Dallin H Oaks

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