cdolThe Church Directory of Organizations and Leaders (CDOL) contains information about Church organizations and leaders (ecclesiastical and temporal) throughout the world.

CDOL is used to help leaders fulfill their assignments. For example, a bishop can look up the name and contact information when he needs to contact a bishop in another stake.  (You can also use to look up an address and find the name and contact information of a bishop.)

How to Update Your Leader Information

Some of the leader and unit information in CDOL is updated from the ward Member and Leader Services (MLS) system and other information is unique to CDOL.

If you are a leader, and you update your email, phone, or address in the ward MLS system, it does not automatically update your leader contact information in CDOL. To update CDOL, you need to do one of the following:

  1. Ask the stake clerk to submit your changed information via the Leader/Unit Change Request form found in the stake/district MLS system.
  2. Call the Global Service Center and give them the changed information.
  3. Email the changes to
  4. Log in to CDOL and update your information using the instructions below or you can submit the changes using the Feedback option in CDOL.

How to Access CDOL

Log in to using your LDS Account and password. You can only log on if you currently hold one of the following positions:

  • Bishoprics and presidencies of branches, districts, stakes, missions, temples, and areas (including clerks and executive secretaries)
  • General Authorities
  • Employees and volunteers at Church headquarters who need access to perform their duties

Search for your name, then click Edit Assignment to update your contact information.

  • On the General tab, update the field “Email address.” This is the address used by headquarters to send email notifications to you as a leader. This is not the same as the email address you provide in MLS or LDS Account. The field “Other email address” is not currently used.
  • Use the tabs Address and Phone Numbers to update your contact information as needed.

CDOL is available in 34 languages.

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