lds-family-reading-scripturesThe Church encourages its members to take initiative for their own gospel learning. The primary responsibility for learning is with the individual and the family, with Sunday classroom instruction in a supplemental role. (See Handbook 2, chapter 1.4.1.)

The Church is now providing more resources to enhance gospel learning, such as the enhancements to the Gospel Topics on ( includes study helps, such as the Topical Guide, the Bible Dictionary, and the Guide to the Scriptures. You can also find study manuals online, such as the manuals used in Sunday classesseminary, and institute. Preach My Gospel is also a great study resource. And all these resources are also available on mobile devices using the Gospel Library mobile app.

Families may find some of the following ideas helpful as they study from these gospel resources:

Read Together
Allow family members to take turns reading aloud one or more verses from the scriptures or from other gospel study materials. Invite family members to share insights about what they read.

Share Meaningful Gospel Insights
When the family gathers, invite each family member to share an insight they learned during their individual study.

Weekly Study List
As a family, choose several scriptures or topics that you would like to discuss during the coming week. Write these down so that all family members can see them regularly.

Memorize Scriptures or Quotes
Select a scripture passage or a quote from a General Authority that has meaning to your family, and invite everyone to memorize it. Discuss why is is meaningful to you.

Scripture Mastery
In the four years of seminary, youth learn 100 key passages called scripture mastery passages. You can find a list of these passages at Cut 100 small pieces of paper, and write a reference for a scripture mastery passage on each piece. Each night, ask a family member to choose one of the passages. Read it together and discuss it.

Share Object Lessons
Find objects that relate to scriptures or topics you are studying as a family. Invite family members to talk about how each object relates to the gospel principle.

Sing a Hymn
Find a hymn that helps you understand more about the scripture or topic you are reading. Sing the hymn together.

What other ideas has your family found helpful in improving family and individual study?


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