Fall in the orchardRich in years and honor, they say of someone who lived abundantly and died in his glory. That is Fall to me.

Another saying, equally applicable to Fall, is ‘the owl of Minerva flies only at dusk.” Fall is the twilight of the year, when you finally come to understand it. No one understands a garden until they’re harvesting it. No one understands a life until they’ve lived it. It does not do to be hasty. The designs of our God our only revealed hereafter.

We value Fall more because its so fleeting. It has to be. Dying has to end in death, or else it isn’t dying.

I wonder if we may one day look back and see our mortality as a brief golden age when we put all our pre-mortal experience to the test in transition to the long eternities.

It is but a little while, and lo, he comes quickly.

No man knoweth the day and the hour when the leaves will fall. But they will fall.
The golden bosque

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