is an amazing technology to record the entire pedigree of the human race. From any computer, laptop, tablet, or  smartphone in the world, you can collaborate with anyone else in the world to build your family tree.

But since not everyone has a computer or device, the Church now provides an easy paper-based system to collect information about living and recently-deceased people and get that information into the online Family Tree.

The booklet My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together introduces family history and guides you through the process of gathering stories, photos, and other information about your family.

The booklet is easy to use and, as the title implies, the process starts with family stories. As you talk to your relatives about family stories, your family will be strengthened, and you will be able to better fulfill your divinely-appointed responsibilities in behalf of your ancestors.

New features on include the ability to upload family photos and enter family stories.

Once you gather information about your family, your ward family history consultant and others with access to computers can help you input the stories and information into—a necessary step for entering names for temple ordinances.

Copies of the My Family booklet may be ordered online at The booklet will be available in 22 languages.

Learn more about the My Family booklet on the FamilySearch blog.


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