Have you seen the September 2013 Visiting Teaching Message?  It is all about Self-Reliance.  To find the entire message, go here.

I was excited to see it.....I think the subject is pretty important!

I decided to make a little 'gift' to go along with the message.  Here is what I did:

I made really small mylar bag packets.  To find out how I do this, please go here.  

I sealed the packets on 3 sides.

See the nice seal?

I put a tablespoon of different sprouting seeds in each packet.

Make sure that you label each packet.

I chose to seal the packets with my flat iron.

Cut a piece of screen cut to fit just inside the canning jar lid.  Place it inside.

Place the packets inside of the canning jar.

Insert the directions to sprout the seeds in the jar.

Here are the directions up close. Take the lid (with the screen) and screw it on the jar.

I made a bow out of Tulle and attached this wonderful handout from "My Happy Tribe".  (I re-sized it as the original is an 8 x 10).

It took all of 20 minutes to put this together.  It gives your sister something to try right away and is very applicable to this month's lesson.

Give it a try!

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