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As Mary Eberstadt has pointed out, childlessness is at the root of departure of the modern world from the way. You can’t have and raise kids without being a rebel in some way.

Epidurals are the ultimate hippy drug, puree stains on bibs are the new tie-die.

I like how the video takes Elder Anderson’s counsel on couple’s freedom to choose having children and ties it into a message that we should use that freedom to choose to have children.

Normally I would get irate about the woman’s comment that her husband is one of her boys. It’s belittling and infantilizing, I’d say. But in the context of a happy, fruitful marriage, I can see the affection in it. Charity covers a multitude of sins.

I sometimes wonder if every happy couple doesn’t have the husband and wife each patronizing the other just a little. If the other sex doesn’t sometimes feel just a little silly to you, you probably aren’t paying enough attention to it to be astounded by it either. Sometimes I grin at my wife and shake my head. Sometimes my jaw drops.

Now that we have a boy of our own, my wife understands me better, I think. Seeing the boy in me better, she better knows the man.

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