Below are some of the photos from my recent collection of photos from Xiamen, China, one of my latest photo galleries at These came from a trip to Xiamen. Since I am still raising money to help pay for the surgery that an impoverished teenage boy in China needs, I thought I'd make photos from my collection available as an incentive for donations (use the PayPal button on the right). If you'd like a print mailed to you (8 x 10 or 11 x 14) from the original file, make a donation of $50 or more by April 24, 2013. If you'd like the original digital file for limited or even unlimited use, that's possible. Contact me at jeff at jefflindsay d0t com for questions and requests. Not all of my old photos are available, but most are. Those of you who already donated, the offer applies. Let me know if you'd like anything. No need to like any of the photos, either. All amateur stuff, but a hobby I enjoy. Suggestions for improvement are welcome.

That teenager in China, little Zhiwei, is still slowly recovery from what appears to have been unnecessary and incorrect surgery on his hip. We hope to visit in May or early June. While there is still a ways to go to pay off that debt, I am looking forward to helping them with the funds they need for the surgery they were supposed to get in the first place. China is a tough place to be a poor farmer in the country, at least in terms of the health care that is available. Much better to be a poor citizen of Shanghai for better access and government assistance. Much better still to be a rich citizen of Shanghai or a rich foreigner. And always much better to just be healthy in the first place, no matter where you live. Your donations will make a difference for one family. There are many more, of course, but it's a start. This family has become quite important to us.

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