I'm delighted with the release of a new and thoughtful statement at LDS.org clarifying the history of the Church's former policy that prior to 1978 prohibited those with African ancestry from holding the priesthood. The statement reminds us of the influences of culture and the fallibility of mortals in the Church, and gives us cause for gratitude regarding the revelation that finally did away not only with a problematic policy but with troubled attempts at justifying it. A welcome announcement worthy of reflection. 
One can complain that it's too little, too late, or that further apologies are needed, etc., etc., but I suggest simply welcoming this with humility and faith, while recognizing the monumental faith exhibited by those who accepted the Gospel and strengthened the Church in spite of the limitations that former policy might impose on them. That's remarkable faith and courage. A great resource on this topic is BlackLDS.org.

Update: Other resources to consider include the podcast on the 2013 statement at FAIRMormon.org and also my LDSFAQ page on race and the priesthood

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