A catalog of the vast holdings of the LDS Church History Library in Salt Lake City is now available online at history.lds.org.

You can browse through or search the catalog to see what the Church History Library has to offer before you go to the library in Salt Lake City. Use it to figure out what reference you want to see, and then save it electronically and simply access it once you arrive at the library.

Even if you don’t to to the library in Salt Lake City, you can access the following online:

  • Over 400,000 pages of digitized documents and images.
  • Tens of thousands of family histories.
  • LDS periodicals of the past, including the Improvement Era and the Juvenile Instructor.
  • BYU Digital Collections.
  • A mobile app highlighting Church historical site markers in Alberta, Canada.
  • General Conference Reports since 1899.
  • Online tours of individual historic sites.

This is the beginning of a massive digitization effort by the Church History Department to make important records available to members, historians, and scholars all over the world, including journals, record books, letters and correspondence, and 19th century books.

The following short video vignettes explain how to use the new online catalog:

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